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bearded reedling

The Bearded Reedling (Panurus biarmicus) is frequently known as the Bearded Tit or as the Bearded Parrotbill.

The Bearded Reedling normally feeds on insects but during the winter that changes into reed seed. This provides great opportunities to photograph these very pretty birds.

During a very cold period in January there were a lot of sightings of Bearded Reedlings, so I decided to go to an area closeby where I live and where I knew several of them would be.

On this particular morning it was very windy, making it not ideal conditions to shoot these birds feeding on the reed. But as always with wildlife photography you have to stay out and wait for that one moment. That's what I did and what resulted in this picture of a male Bearded Reedling eating.

Christian Biemans