Pictureof the month

Little owl take-off

Owls are always very nice to photograph, so when I got the chance to photograph little owls (Athene noctua) I didn't hesitate, packed up my photogear and went to the owls.

I spent numerous hours in the hides surrounding the little owls nesting tree and really got some nice pictures of the adult & juvenile owls.

After a while I noticed that the little owl, while returning to it's chicks, always landed on a particular pole before flying to the tree where the chicks were.

I put my camera on high ISO to get the required fast shutterspeed, put it on high-speed continous drive, prefocussed and waited for the owl to return to this pole.

After half an hour the little owl returned and landed on the pole as I had hoped for. As soon as it moved, I fired the camera. The shutterspeed proved to be quick enough to freeze the little owl during take-off.

Christian Biemans