Pictureof the month

Star Trails

This year I wanted to try out something new during my summer vacation in the Swiss Alps; Star Trail Photography.

I went online and searched the internet for information. I found out that there are two ways to photograph star trails. Either you take one picture with a very long exposure or you take multiple images with shorter exposures and blend them together through software. Both ways have advantages & disadvantages but I somehow favored the second version.

I put my camera on my tripod and locked in my remote control. By locking in my remote control, the camera keeps on taking picture after picture until I would unlock it again. In this way you can leave your camera, go and do something else before returning after an hour or two.

For blending the images together I used a program called StarStax. StarStax is open source software which means that you can download en use it for free. It is a very intuitive program and I can highly recommend it.

I'm really excited about this way of photographing and I'm definately going to try again and improve my results.

Christian Biemans