Pictureof the month

Bighornsheep ram

One of my favorite North American mammals to photograph is the bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis).

During all my travels to Yellowstone National Park, which were mainly in autumn, I only had a few chances of photographing these magnificient sheep. However during my winter trip to Yellowstone I had plenty of opportunities.

In this case I started photographing from the road upwards towards the cliff where the sheep were. It wasn't bad but I noticed after a while that some rams had layed down and that there was probably a beautyful background; the mountainrange ... I only had to be at eye level with the rams.

So I packed my gear and slowly walked up there through the deep snow. After 15 minutes of slippery hiking, I was at eye level and got the photos that I wanted. As always, never stop looking and push yourself in getting your photos.

Christian Biemans