Pictureof the month

Quiet,to Quiet

The second largest species of deer in The Netherlands is the Fallow Deer (Dama dama).

The rut of the Fallow Deer starts after the rut of the Red Deer and roughly takes place from the middle of October until the beginning of November. The bucks conquer their territory, called a "lek", and lure the fawns by loud calling.

On a rainy and misty morning I went out to photograph the Fallow Deer rut. After a pretty long walk I reached a place where I knew there were a couple of "leks" around.

But it was quiet, to quiet. Had the rut ended? Did I miss it? I didn't have a clue!

It wasn't the picture I had in mind, but the autumn wet weather created a moodfull picture with balanced colors.

Christian Biemans