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Tour description

Dovrefjell National Park

Dovrefjell National Park is located in the provinces of Innlandet, Trøndelag and Møre Og Romsdal in Norway and is approximately 1,693 km² in size.

The park is set aside for the preservation of the northern temperate alpine ecosystems. Animals that occur there include wild reindeer, wolverines, and various birds such as the eagle, the gyrfalcon and the dipper.

Musk oxen were also originally there but became extinct due to hunting during the Second World War. Musk oxen were imported from Greenland between 1947 and 1954. Now the population has increased considerably to about 300 individuals.

During this trip we will enter the Dovrefjell several times to look for and photograph the musk oxen. Seeing these ancient animals is a great experience and is certainly one of the highlights of this trip.

Rodane National Park
The Rondane National Park was established in 1962, making it the oldest in the country. Rondane is located in the province of Innlandet and is approximately 963 km² in size. The park takes its name from the Rondane Mountains; a high mountainrange with ten peaks above 2,000 meters.

Due to the dry climate and the nutrient-poor soil, the vegetation of the park is relatively poor. The area is almost entirely above the tree line. It is one of the easternmost areas in Norway where wild reindeer can still be found.
We visit Rondane several times but each time from a different angle. In this way, we always experience Rondane in a unique way.
Landscapes, waterfalls, rivers with rapids, lakes, mountain peaks it can all be found here.

Northern Lights
Of course we keep a close eye on the predictions of the northern lights.
Conditions can change very quickly here, so it can even happen that we alternately keep 'northern lights' on watch during the night.

Great diversity
This trip is characterized by the great diversity of subjects.

From the large mammals such as moose, reindeer and musk oxen to the richly colored landscapes.
From the impressive Northern Lights to the small structures you can find everywhere.
With 8 full photo days and part-time photo days on the arrival and departure day, we have more than enough time to photograph this beautiful area.


September 2024.


  • 9 nights based on a double room;
  • Breakfast and dinner;
  • Snacks & water during all photo days;
  • All transport on site (including bus rides Dovrefjell);

  • Return flight Amsterdam – Oslo;
  • Travel and cancellation insurance;
  • Alcoholic drinks and drinks other than water during photography;
  • Expenses of a personal nature;

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